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Bam Bam = fucking awesome

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I didn't go to the GB3 gig last night, on account of a party at a friend's place in Fitzroy. It was a punk-themed party, across two neighbouring sharehouses, a block away from Brunswick St. At the place next door, a band played; they were called Bam Bam, and they totally rocked. They're sort of punky power-pop; the guitarist wore a sharp suit and the vocalist had black pigtails and a (black) anime-schoolgirl sailor dress and sang a bit like the singer from Transvision Vamp. The musicianship was extremely tight and professional, and the songwriting was top-notch as well. They've got a demo, but aren't on a label. I reckon that they should send something to Unstable Ape.

(Crappy futurephone photos coming soon, possibly)

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On April 4th, 2004 02:47 pm (UTC), minga commented:
at my cousin's 18th his friends' band played and they did a radiohead cover, it was great. but probably nowhere near as good as bam bam by the sounds of it :)
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