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Help the clueless

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Some months ago, I blogged some articles I saw online about virus writers and script kiddies. Now, I find that someone posted the following comment, from someone calling themself "nicholas":
how do you down load virus's and send them to your enemys??!!??!!

Anyone inspired to post a helpul reply can do so here.

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On April 21st, 2004 12:31 am (UTC), givemethegun commented:
Let The Stupids Play
"Well, Nicholas (if that *is* your real name), most importantly you must know your 'enemys' (it always concerns me to arm the illiterate with weaponry of any sort, but here goes...) - first, stick your head into a large container filled with ice water. Hold there for 10 minutes. This is called 'down load'ing. If you're still around to breathe God's good air, I suggest travelling back in tme and introducing your parents to the sci-fi concept of a coathanger and a large rubber mallet. Do this, and your foes will quake with fear. Good luck!"
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