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Light Music Club and friends

This evening, I went to Pony to see some bands. First up was a chap named Richard who played piano and guitar and sang. I liked his second track, which sounded like Phillip Glass collaborating with Thom Yorke; the rest of his set was a bit too much in the Jeff Buckley singer-songwriter vein.

Light Music Club were great again; they did their usual numbers (some fine pop gems, some of them reminiscent of Coward and/or Bacharach), a few new pieces, and that Oasis cover they do. I also caught part of the Bittersuite set; they're two women from Brisbane who play piano and double bass, and one of them sings, in a style somewhat reminiscent of Kate Bush. They were quite animated, and quite decent (though I only saw the first half or so of their set).

I finally managed to run into surfacenoise and pick up those 7"s I bought from him; I also ran into a few other people I hadn't seen for a while.

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