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Not one, not two, but three...

There were three packages waiting for me at the post office today:
  • A package from the HP Lovecraft Historical Society, containing that CD-R of vintage fonts I ordered.
  • My most recent order from Traffic Sounds: The "Romantic and Square is Hip and Aware" Smiths tribute album, The Autocollants' Why Couldn't Things Just Stay The Same? and Harvey Williams' California (which I had MP3s of, but wanted the actual CD). Oh, and a Deloris/Braving The Seabed 7" ended up in the envelope as well.
  • A package from sigma, containing some merch from the Stereolab US tour (a brown Margerine Eclipse-logo T-shirt and a the 2004 tour EP (with Banana Monster Ne Répond plus, Rose, My Rocket-Brain! and University Microfilms International). The first track alone sounds somewhat epic, in characteristic 'Lab fashion. Ta.

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