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You Are the Quarry

I stopped at PolyEster today; they had the US gatefold edition of Morrissey's You Are The Quarry, with the bonus DVD. I was holding off buying the regular edition whilst I waited for this one to come in, but now I'm not sure whether I'll buy it because (a) it's almost twice as expensive ($44.95, rather than the $24.95 the local edition sells for at JB) and (b) the packaging looks cheap and awkward (it's basically an oversized tube of cardboard, too large to fit in racks and doing nothing to protect the discs from dust; I was expecting it to be a Digipak or somesuch). The DVD seems to contain the Irish Blood, English Heart video, a photo gallery and some unnamed extras.

For the time being, I just bought the Irish Blood, English Heart single (also imported from the US; there's no local release of this one), and am considering which version of the album to get.

Poll #296043 You Are the Quarry

In my situation, which version of the new Morrissey album would you get?

The Australian 1-disc jewel-case version, A$25
The US gatefold version w/DVD, A$45
Morrissey sux0rs!!!

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