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anatomy · of · distance

Worst cafe in Melbourne

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Pfaknok. The venues for next month's Weblogger Meetup have come up for a vote and, once again, the Sahara Cafe retains its monopoly on the CBD, for the sixth or so month in a row. The other two are in Prahrahran and Fitzroy, as usual. I may give this one a miss again. (I went to the most recent one, in Prahran, and only two other people turned up. Fuck that for a game of soldiers.)

Aside: the organiser of the meetup claims that the Sahara is now under new, non-asshat, ownership/management. Has anybody heard anything about this?

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On May 26th, 2004 07:52 am (UTC), givemethegun commented:
Damn. Sheep and their comfortable paddock. Organise your own, and they will come.
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