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Today, I got three tracks mastered; I got Greg Wadley to do it, on the strength of the work he did for Minimum Chips and others (also, his rates couldn't be beaten; $30 for an evening's work is quite decent). He used a PC running Sound Forge and a variety of plug-ins (mostly compression/limiting and some EQ), and got the tracks in question sounding quite good; certainly good enough for a CD-R demo. Now all I've got to do is think of a name to use on the demo, burn some CDs and send it out to various places.

Bizarre coincidence of the day: talking with him during the process, I discovered that he was the guy behind the "LoserCorp" flyers some years ago, and the author of the "dear robot controlled by DNA" rant which I got a speech synthesiser to read out some years ago and used in a track I posted to (It's not there now, though I'll see if I can find a MP3 somewhere.)

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