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I generally avoid these LJ test gimmicks, because most of them are just a variation on "select random names from your friends list and make up random saucy/silly innuendo about them". I.e., it gets boring pretty quickly. This one, however, actually analyses one's friends list and interests. (via somethingforzoe)

My Best Friend is cyflea
Our 28 common interests are: 3rrr, 4ad, autechre, c-86, debian, factory records, fonts, guinness, indie music, kraftwerk, linux, lush, mac os x, melbourne, new wave, photography, pizzicato five, post-rock, pulp, record collecting, record shopping, rrr, slowdive, the goodies, typography, unix, used record stores, yo la tengo
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

Seems quite accurate too.

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