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Good: 4; Evil: 0

I went to the Not For Sale party at the studio/residence of pop artist Dennis Ropar in Queensberry St. Basically, the story is this: some time ago, Nike decided to hold a party to woo the coolsie dollar, and approached various indie bands, offering them large sums of money to play. Word got around, and various people, including Georgina of Fanclub, arranged an alternative party close to that night, with four local bands playing, and gold coin donations going to Community Aid Abroad's Nikewatch anti-sweatshop campaign. In the end, apparently no bands accepted Nike's blood money, and everybody went to the Not For Sale party instead.

It was pretty good; the bands were good (my favourite would probably be The Rumours). Lots of people I knew, from various spheres, rocked up, and a good time was had by all. Except perhaps towards the end, when people started pushing each other around on the dance floor and the DJ started playing Britney Spears; I took that as a sign that it was time to leave.

The Crayon Fields:

The Tranquilizers

The Tranquilizers

Two drunk punters, at the late stages of the party:

Btw, Dennis Ropar appears to be the guy behind those "ROPAR" stencils you'd see from time to time; at first I thought it was a T-shirt label and/or Chapel St. DJ bar or something. His work would be somewhere in the spectrum between Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Banksy. His studio, a former factory or somesuch, was full of his canvases, and some areas (such as the bathroom) were painted with frescoes of subverted brand logos and pop-cultural icons. Some details are below, in glorious futurephone Blotch-O-Vision™:


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