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Lalala, la lala la...

I picked up the new Prop remix CD, Cook Cut Damage Destroy today. It's interesting; mostly the usual glitchy laptop electronica remixes from the usual suspects (Telemetry Orchestra, Oren Ambarchi, Burnt Friedman; I'm sure frogworth is intimately acquainted with each of those artists' oeuvre). There's also a mix of Mount Zero by none other than Stereolab, which is pretty nice; they take the original and make it sound Stereolabbish, adding their trademarked electronic organs, chords and synth noises, right down to Lætitia laying down some ba-ba-ba vocals. (There appear to be two female vocalists there; is it just Lætitia overdubbing herself, did they record it before Mary's untimely demise, or have they found a replacement?)
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