this is not your sawtooth wave (kineticfactory) wrote,
this is not your sawtooth wave

Re: last night's gig at Pony: BAM BAM were good as usual; and Los Dominados seemed like fairly generic 1970s garage-rock revivalism, each song with three chords that rev along like a V8 Kingswood. The middle band, The Argyles, were entertaining; more garage revivalism only with a sense of humour. Somewhere between glam rock, the Rolling Stones and the Strokes; or perhaps the Upper Crust and the Sailors, if you consider that their stage personae are meant to be British aristocrats and they do songs about being buggered by a valet in Buckingham Palace and the homoeroticism of football (titled, obviously, "Take One For The Team"). The frontman went on stage wearing a fur coat, black shirt, white tie and lots of eyeliner, and at one stage carried an ornately carved wooden walking stick.
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