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The Kits / Folding For Air / Meebar / ?

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Tonight I went to Pony to see a number of bands.

The Kits were the first up, and were somewhere between Oasis and The Strokes. Lots of rock-god posturing and testosterone; the drummer wore a Datsuns T-shirt, but the bass player wore a fedora, hipster-fashion. I couldn't tell if they were sincere dumb-rock or ironic dumb-rock, or indeed whether they were just playing that way in the hope that there was someone from the NME or a major-label A&R man in the audience.

Next up was Folding For Air, the new band featuring Jen and Tom formerly of I Panic, along with two other musicians (one of whom was playing a Hammond organ). They were good; rather layered and ethereal. (For those not familiar with Jen's vocals, she sounds a bit like Liz Fraser or the vocalist from The Sundays.)

Then was Meebar, which I think is the-girl-who-isn't-Beth from Bidston Moss's other project. They were pretty much straight rock; sort of metal, only stripped back a bit. Apparently they used to have a lot more melodies, but none of that was in evidence tonight. They didn't really grab me.

Me and my friends (Nick and Naomi from Dandelion Wine) left before the fourth band started, so I didn't get to see them; they seemed to take forever to set up (much longer than a guitar/bass/drums 3-piece should take, at least), and they gave the impression of being a bit too nu-metal/skate-punk/mook for my liking. (Take the guitarist in the black beanie and baggy pants, for example.)
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On September 26th, 2003 10:25 am (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
The girl-who-isn't-beth from Bidston Moss is Chris, and Meebar isn't her project - she joined them as an additional guitarist just recently.
-- Stephen Clark, www.gitchi.net
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