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Jobless and homeless

I just handed back the keys to my flat, as well as those to my PO box. 7/230 Holden St., North Fitzroy, is now no longer my home. I'm writing this from my sister's house in South Yarra, where I'll be until I catch my flight tomorrow. My cat's here and is keeping me company, the dear; he hasn't forgotten me.

Going-away drinks last night were lots of fun; a lot of people turned up, including cyflea, agonis, fact244, justlikehoney (thanks for the CD; so far, it sounds pretty impressive), surfacenoise, Zoë, Nick and Naomi, my friend/collaborator Andy, and Miss Kristie (who gave me a pretty cool card, and also took photos at the gathering; one of the ones of me (in my new pinstripe suit, sitting on one of the ornate chairs at Polly) will probably make its way into a LJ icon sooner or later). It's amazing how much stress can be dissolved with the liberal application of good conversation and gin and tonic.

I have so many good friends here in Melbourne whom I'll miss while I'm abroad. I'm sure I'll be back, whether in six months or five years or (more probably) somewhere between.

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