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A while ago, I ordered some clothes from Cosmic Breed, amongst them, a striped skivvy. They didn't have the fabric shown in the catalogue (more's the pity), but said that if I find a suitable fabric, I can send it in and they'll deduct the cost from the materials. I looked around, but was unable to find any sufficiently sharp-looking striped knits (or indeed any others, for that matter), and ended up going with the black/blue fabric they had in stock.

This afternoon, I happened to be in the vicinity of the Dangerfield clearance place in Brunswick St. (you know, the place where you can buy remainders of last year's yoof-hipster clothes at less extortionate than usual prices), and hit the jackpot. The entire back wall of the warehouse was lined with rolls of fabrics, including several striped knits (as seen in Dangerfield/Revival ironic new-waver tops).

So I picked out three to send to Cosmic Breed; with any luck, some sharp-looking threads will come of this.

(Whilst at the clearance centre, I was briefly tempted to buy one of those "Cunningham" jackets ($60, down from $149 or something insane like that), but then I noticed that it lacked any inside pockets for my Visor and Archos Jukebox. And so, the fancies of retro hipster irony are shot down by the concrete realities of gadget geekdom.)
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