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Recent CD buying

I've gotten around to paying a visit to the Notting Hill Music & Video Exchange to do some CD shopping, and picked up the following:

- The Jesus and Mary Chain - Psychocandy (which is growing on me; one can see where all the shoegazer bands and people like the Stone Roses and The Wake got their influences from)
- Arab Strap - Elephant Shoe
- Looper - The Geometrid
- Modern English - Ricochet Days (a 4AD release from 1984; not unlike XTC or someone, and with some very nice v23 artwork)
- Tacoma Radar - no one waved goodbye (a friend was in this band a few years ago, and played me some of their stuff; they're Scottish, and do sparse post-rocky tracks with female vocals. The friend, incidentally, is now doing string arrangements for a Björk remix.)
- Spearmint - A Leopard And Other Stories (which I still haven't listened to)
- We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It - From Rules & Regulations To Pink Sunshine (2CD retrospective; 1980s all-girl DIY punk-pop band featured on C86; they go from rough punk to dance mixes that sound like they were made in a bedroom with a MC-303. Some of their demos are good, though some of their songwriting (especially in the more polished later tracks) is on a par with top-40 chart pop (i.e., rather insipid).)
- the Scissor Sisters album (with 2 UK bonus tracks; I've filed it alongside Electric Six and Franz Ferdinand in the "Coolsie" folder on my MP3 player.)

I also visited Rough Trade and picked up the first The Sound Of Leamington Spa compilation (that's the one compiled by some German indiepop fans and the people); there's some very nice jangly indiepop there, all from around 1988 (think C86 or somesuch). I'll have to get the next 2 volumes, I think.

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