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Tonight's Ninetynine gig was fun; mind you, it's always good to see them again.

First up, old friends of the band Jihad Against America got up and played a set of their unique brand of terrorcore, with Liz donning flashing bunny ears and going into the crowd with a rather long microphone lead. I couldn't make out what they were singing about most of the time.

Then the mood changed with Pink Stainless Tail, a bunch of very dapper gentlemen with a thing for the classic rock'n'roll idiom. The lead singer was an English chap with a greying quiff, attired in a fancy shirt and a silk scarf, though he could rock out; they did songs about Genesis P. Orridge and playing Galaxian in a Yorkshire fish and chips shop in 1975 (don't know about that myself), and ended with an obviously well-planned cover of Ninetynine's Wöekenender, which was interesting and a tad amusing. Especially seeing how the singer's voice sounds not unlike the comedian sampled at the end of the original track.

Ninetynine played a bunch of oldish songs (from no further back than 180 Degrees, though), and almost all of their new tracks. (The one whose name keeps changing was called something like Highway Delight today; I wonder what it's called on the CD, if it's there. And I hope it is.) They were in fine form tonight. Laura was looking very well; it looks like Perth has been good to her. And Cameron was in high spirits, sharing with the audience his tangential explanations of songs, like "the great fire of Chicago 1925, the great fire of London 1666, mankind cannot tame fire". They finished with a version of The Process with an additional musician on cello.

Discovery of the day: Iain from Ninetynine was also the editor of the How To Make Trouble And Influence People booklets, and the band had the third one of the series for sale at the merch stall.

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