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I stopped by at the Notting Hill Music & Video Exchange today, and picked up two CDs, for £5 each:

  • And Here Is The Young Man - a compilation (released in 1998 or so on a PolyGram compilations imprint) of tracks produced by Martin Hannett. Contains the usual Factory favourites (Joy Division, New Order, the Mondays, the Durutti Column) and a few others (U2, Jilted John, Slaughter and the Dogs).

  • A promo CD from Canadian indie label Upper Crust, containing 9 tracks, from the Russian Futurists, Girls Are Short and some outfit named The Cansecos. I liked Girls Are Short, though am not as keen on the Russian Futurists as others (though they are somewhat interesting); it'll be interesting to hear what the Cansecos are like.


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