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Yesterday, I went to Fopp and picked up two recent big-name CDs: Björk's Medúlla and The Killers' Hot Fuss. The Björk is like her other work, only with the synths/strings replaced by human voices (massed vocal choirs, beatboxing, and other odder vocal sounds), which works quite well. There is a bit of glitchy digital audio manipulation and programmed beats in places, for the fans who are into that sort of thing. And several of the songs are in Icelandic.

The Killers, meanwhile, are somewhere between Franz Ferdinand and British Sea Power. Somebody Told Me is good in that Take Me Out kind of way, though the rest of it hasn't really grabbed me on a first listen.

Whilst at Fopp, I also picked up a copy of Francis Spufford's Backroom Boys (for £5), and swung up to Tottenham Court Road, getting a pair of Sennheiser PX200 headphones to replace the rather naff clip-on 'phones I picked up at Singapore Airport (which seem to strip the bass and only deliver the treble overtones, making everything melt into an indistinuishable background texture).

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