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This afternoon, I went to the eBoy exhibition in Clerkenwell. Most of it was in the authentically industrially dusty basement of what was once a warehouse or such; some of the works were hanging on walls behind archways in dark rooms, giving the whole thing a first-person-shooter feeling. In one room, a slide projector cast a succession of images onto a wall.

The works themselves were largely prints of pixel artwork (with some vector artwork), and were for sale in limited editions at prices from under £100 (a small video-game gun picture) to £1250 (the Super Bronco Battle image being launched). There were some fairly nifty cityscapes (one was a monochrome of an Asian metropolis (only with the text in French); another was an ad for Coca-Cola's music download service, and showed boxes of fresh music being taken from a recording studio to the building, whence thick pipes labelled "Download" took it to happy people's homes; the places where the DRM padlocks and chains go on were left out), as well as video-game-style pixel portraits of "terrorists" (mostly swarthy-looking Middle Easterners and the odd pizza-faced geek), porno scenes rendered in chunky pixels, and vector portraits of celebrities.

I came out with a large poster of eBoy's cityscape of Berlin; it's now hanging above my bed, and my walled is £12 lighter. Had I a high-paying IT job and a coffee table (or maybe not even that), I might have forked out the £35 for the eBoyHello book.

eBoy are the new Designers Republic.
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