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CD shopping

amazing what you can find in the bargain departments of second-hand record shops. Today, I visited Notting Hill, and picked up:

  • The Boo Radleys - "Wake Up!" - £2
  • Sugar - "Beaster" - £1 (no idea what it's like, other than RAN having reviewed it glowingly, but one can't go wrong at the price)
  • Registered Nurse - "strippers" - £1 (similarly)
  • pictureCENTER - "our true intent is for all your delight" - £1 (Mark Dobson from The Field Mice's subsequent band, produced by Mice/St. Et producer Ian Catt; quotes Sarah Kane in the booklet, so it's probably less maudlin and more avant-garde than Bobby Wratten's recent work)
  • The Little Darla Has A Treat For You #20 compilation, for £2
  • and another copy of Airpop Terminal 2 for DJing use here, for £5.

Meanwhile, at the non-bargain-basement M&VE, I got:

  • The Pastels - "Truckload of Trouble" - £8
  • Chris Knox - "Yes!" - £3

I also went up to Rough Trade, and picked up a copy of New Buffalo's The Last Beautiful Day.


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