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Blue Light Disco Revival

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Looks like Tim Spelman (aka DJ Eurosausage) is taking over from Cameron and friends at the Rob Roy's Saturday night post-gig disco. Which sounds like it'll be more ironic, if not quite as manic. The name ("The Late Set") also sounds promising; hopefully they'll play stuff that's not old top-40 kitsch.
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On October 16th, 2003 02:46 am (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
The Late Set
Hey there - Tim Eurosausage from The Late Set here.

Yes, i'm aware that responding to this posting is at best, mildly editorial and at worst, shamelss self-promotion but...

Just thought I'd just confirm that The Late Set is very, very thin on the ground when it comes to 80's throwback kitsch. Think rather great funk, hip-hop and northern soul peppered with the occasional choice indie cut. Now I know this won't constitute everyone's cup of proverbial - just the other week i was very nearly beaten to a bloody pulp by the remnants of a hen's night after refusing to play Footloose. All I can promise is great dancing music.

Oh and about the name, I have to agree it unfortunately reeks of ye ironic 80's innuendo but in actual fact it's more from the school of 70' s British TV satire. To this very day only one person (a rather perceptive member of Minimum Chips) has ever worked out the reference.

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