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DJ set

From the most recent The Penelope Tree mailout:

Friday December 3rd’s The Penelope Tree will be
playing the best of John Peel’s 2002 Christmas show.
This includes Belle and Sebastian playing live – a
caroltastic performance, that’ll have you clicking
your fingers and shaking your belles….

Special guest DJ’s;

 ACB, a.k.a. ‘Aussie Bowlie’, all the way from
Melbourne, Australia, playing some classic Oz and Brit
indie and twee pop…get in early to catch him!!

Then we’re very lucky to have guitarist/vocalist
Graeme W from top indie krautrockers ‘The Projects’
playing everything from Red Crayola to Can – and
whatever else he’s into…

(I'm not sure about "Aussie Bowlie", though the rest of the description stands.)

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