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I went Rough Trade in Notting Hill today, and did a spot of shopping; picking up Nice System's Impractical Guide to the Opposite Sex, as well as the recent Slowdive retrospective, Catch The Breeze, put out by Sanctuary. It has most, but not all, of their good EP tracks.

We will NOT be stocking the Band Aid single this Christmas

I also dropped by at the Covent Garden Rough Trade, and found that the skate shop upstairs, though not the record shop, has copies of VICE. Figures, given that skaters are much more hardcore than record geeks. Anyway, it's the "Hate" issue, and has things like Mexican neo-Nazis, Malaysian skinheads, a rant deploring the lack of hate in recent black metal, and a piece by Jim Goad.

Also, from the bus going down Charing Cross Rd., I noticed that Amon Duul 2 are apparently playing at G-A-Y (a venue best known for hosting boy bands and Minogues). I may have to investigate.

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