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Reminder: DJ set

A reminder to those of you in London.

I'm doing a DJ set this Friday at The Penelope Tree, at the Enterprise in Chalk Farm. I'm on at about 9:15, and playing for about an hour.

Expect to hear: Australian indiepop/art-pop (Ninetynine, Minimum Chips, Mid-State Orange, Clag, Architecture In Helsinki, Talkshow Boy, BAM BAM, The Smallgoods, The Rumours and such), as well as a selection of choice UK indiepop (think C86/Sarah Records/Sounds of Leamington Spa/Belle & Sebastian/Stereolab/Slowdive and such), and some miscellaneous acts which I think are good and hope you like as well (The Radio Dept., GirlsAreShort, Remington Super 60, and such). Perhaps even something more unusual.

Afterwards, the Bowlie DJs will continue the night, spinning their selection of indiepop, new wave, northern soul and such, which should be worth sticking around for.

Where: The Enterprise, Chalk Farm Road (right near Chalk Farm tube)
When: Friday 3/12/2004, 9pm onwards

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