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My DJ set at The Penelope Tree

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My DJ set at The Penelope Tree went well; it was an early set, and a small night, but quite a few people (not least among them the organisers) were pleasantly surprised with what I had played. All things being equal, it could help me get more DJing gigs in London.

  • Christian Bruhn - Ford Capri II
  • Minimum Chips - Bouncing Boy With A Bubble
  • Prop vs. Stereolab - Statice
  • Remington Super 60 - Always Trust The Samba (No Guiro Mix)
  • Donna Regina - Snow Is Only Frozen Water
  • Azure Ray - For No-One
  • Architecture In Helsinki - Scissor Paper Rock
  • Cartwheel - Yellow Keys
  • Ninetynine - San Pedro De Atacama
  • Talkshow Boy - Chiming The Descant Like I'm Thirteen Again
  • Mid-State Orange - Summer In Disguise
  • Ninetynine - The Process
  • Spearmint - Scottish Pop
  • Hey Paulette - I Really Do Love Penelope
  • The Bodines - Heard It All
  • Last Party - Barbecued
  • The Wake - Shallow End
  • The Rumours - If I Could See You
  • Clag - Fresh

The tracks near the start went down particularly well, though some people thought I had played two Stereolab tracks side by side. And the C86 janglefest towards the end also found quite a few fans.

The venue's system was a bit on the naff side; 2 old consumer-grade CD players, one of which wouldn't play burned discs (none of that fancy CUE button stuff here), and rather badly set up speakers. I played mostly from one CD player and my two MP3 players (I dusted off the old Archos for this; I actually prefer it for DJing to the iRiver, mostly because its firmware (or, to be precise, Rockbox) doesn't second-guess you and pull you out of the directory you're looking at if you do something else for a minute.)

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On December 3rd, 2004 10:56 pm (UTC), gths commented:
though some people thought I had played two Stereolab tracks side by side.

Heh. I known what they mean, since I've actually got the two tracks in question... At least something's going well for you.
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