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Ducks in a row

Christmas/Xmas/Newtonmas/winterval is nigh upon us (and if the shop signs are to be believed, has been for the past 3 months or so). This year, it's the first one I will have spent away from my immediate family, and, in fact, on the other side of the world. I've already sent over most of my presents for them (not to the recipients as such, but to intermediaries), and some have arrived within less than a week of my dropping them off at the post office. I've got a few more I need to send off.

I've finally set up an wish list, for the first proper time. I've shovelled just about everything I wouldn't mind finding under the tree front door onto this list, and it's not in any order of preference. Not that I'm expecting my loving public to get their credit cards out and send a flurry of packages to North London on my behalf; chances are, I'll start picking off items from it once I've got a job and a UK credit card (i.e., one easy enough to repay from a UK income). Still, not that I'd complain if someone were to buy me something from it.

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