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anatomy · of · distance

Mon Gala Papillons #1

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I ended up going to the Chickfactor Mon Gala Papillons night, which was fun, especially the Stevie Jackson set. Pipas were quite good too, and quite friendly too; I ended up talking with them, and they noticed the Smallgoods button on my parka, mentioning that they played with the Smallgoods in Australia; it turned out that we have mutual acquaintances in the Melbourne indie scene.

I didn't get to speak with Amy Linton, though; the last time I met her was at a backyard party in Clifton Hill in 2002, when Stuart Anderson and Jen Turrell were honeymooning/touring in Australia. Seeing her play brought back memories.

Anyway, there's a review (and crappy futurephone photos) here.

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