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Club AC30

I went to Club AC30 tonight at Water Rats. The headline band, Sennen, was really good; they played really tightly had a good mix of lush, ambient guitar/bass soundscapes and intense walls of noise ("the violence and the silence", as the Paradise Motel called it), and decent songs too (in places, they sounded like a shoegazer Underground Lovers, or perhaps Yo La Tengo). I'm going to have to look for CDs by them once I have spending money.

I wasn't too keen on the first band, though; they didn't seem to fit the night, playing a sort of rockist primitivism that sounded like Oasis at best and Jet/Datsuns/Hives at worst. Though one of their songs seemed to have contained (consciously or otherwise) a nod to Belle & Sebastian's Legal Man (in the opening chord rhythm, which slightly resembled the melody, and more convincingly, in a line that went "come out of the darkness, come into the sunshine").

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