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In other news...

Yesterday, I received a text message notifying me of a band worth seeing, and so I went along to a place called Madame Jojo's in Soho, seeing 3 acts.

First up was a guy named Lee Simeone; basically a gothoid in a black leather jacket playing a battered Roland keyboard in minor key over vaguely Skinny Puppy-esque backing tracks (pounding industrial rhythms, metallic clanging, slowed-down reverbed breath sounds and other sp00ky stuff like that) seemingly coming off a desktop PC he brought with him, and singing over that. It was basically somewhere in the industrial/EBM/darkwave family of things. The music sounded reasonably well put together, but like many computer-based performers, he didn't really put on much of an act, just staying behind the keyboard.

Next up was a band named Messiah (or perhaps Messiäh or something), who were fairly classicist metal. They had the hair, the costumes, the theatrics, the virtuoso guitar solos and the works. They didn't do anything that hasn't been done before, but they did do a good job of it.

Finally there was Suzerain, the band I went along to see, who were rather impressive. Think Duran Duran meets early NIN and various 80s pop outfits (as an Australian, I was reminded of Icehouse at one point). They had a good mix of guitar/bass and synths, a good look, charismatic stage presence, tight musicianship, and a keen grasp of the pop songwriting sensibility; their lyrics and melodies were very skilfully crafted. I expect that, all other things being equal, they should land a record deal pretty quickly.

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