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impulse purchase

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Whilst in Safeway this afternoon, I noticed a stack of button-badge-making machines (Bandai "Badge It!"; marketed primarily at children) discounted to £12. So I picked one up.

It uses proprietary blanks, which are slightly larger (3cm diameter) and somewhat more elaborate (and probably expensive) than the usual button badges (a Bandai badge consists of a metal part, a plastic inset and a safety pin which goes through the inset), though it came with 15 of them.

Next up: to print out some designs worthy of being stamped onto badges. Perhaps one of them will be a "No I Don't Want Any Skunkweed" badge to assist in negotiating Camden High St. untrammelled.

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On January 22nd, 2005 10:12 pm (UTC), boof_boy commented:
Jeez, now I have to get my ass down to Morrisons/Safeway and see if they have any left!
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