August 21st, 2003

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So long, it's been swell

Microsoft have just announced that they're locking third-party clients out of the MSN network, to force you to view ads protect you from terrorists. The lock-out takes effect on October 15. Given that I use Gaim, chances are I'll disappear from MSN after that date.

I will still be contactable via ICQ, AIM, Yahoo! Instant Messenger and Jabber; see my User Info page for details. If you're looking for a Windows client that does multiple systems, I'm told that Trillian is quite good.
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prince, ukelele

Ha-Ha Sound

I just picked up a copy of the new Broadcast album Haha Sound; the limited edition in book-style packaging. I haven't had a chance to listen to it (I'm not near a CD player of any sort at the moment), but the packaging looks pretty nifty. (I heard the single Pendulum from it a while ago, and it sounded like they were jumping on the electroc(l)ash(-in) bandwagon just a little; see also: Goldfrapp.)

In other news, I sent off that "Australian bowlie/indiepop" mix CD today; it should be on its way to the UK. I'll post a full track listing once the recipient has received it.
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24 Hour Party People

I was in the vicinity of JB Hi-Fi today and picked up the 24 Hour Party People DVD. It consists of 2 DVDs; the first one is the movie and commentaries (including one from Tony Wilson, a feat not unlike getting Chopper Read to do the commentary on Chopper), and contains some deleted scenes and interviews. The second one is all bonus features; apparently interviews, a Peter Saville gallery, and some mini-documentaries.

The inner sleeve of the disc announces that Madman are releasing a number of other DVDs in the near future, including the Britpop documentary Live Forever; something else to keep an eye out for.

Also, I heard a rumour that the Goodies DVD coming out in Australia will have different episodes than the one released in the UK; in particular, this one will apparently have the pirate radio episode.
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