September 28th, 2003

prince, ukelele

Last night at the Rob Roy

...was good.

After dropping in at James from Season's housewarming, I made my way to the Rob Roy to see the second Ninetynine gig. I enjoyed the supports (Because Of Ghosts and Love Of Diagrams) more than the previous night's, and Ninetynine didn't disappoint either. Afterwards was the last ever Cameron Potts Blue Light Disco Experience (the one where they play 80s top-40 songs (you know, Michael Jackson, Kim Wilde, Donna Summer, and that disco version of Beethoven's 9th; apparently only the order of the songs varied from week to week) with one guy (Andy Hazel, this time) playing drums and Cameron doing his best nutter act, jumping up and down like a ferret on amphetamines and ranting into a microphone (mostly calling out place names vaguely connected to the songs in question) as people danced. This went on until 3am.

Then, after the regular punters left, the staff locked the doors and the DJ started playing "indie" music (well, the better-known stuff, like Lush and the Pixies and MBV and Pulp and Belle & Sebastian; when I requested some Field Mice, he said he never heard of them), for the several dozen people who remained inside. Which was fun.

It's a bit daunting to think that there won't be any Ninetynine gigs in Melbourne until April or May. Though that is leavened by news of a different drought that is about to break; namely, that FourPlay are coming down from Sydney in October/November.