October 7th, 2003

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I received two (or three, to be exact) CDs in the mail today: Parsley Sound's first album, Parsley Sounds, and Stereolab's ABC Music: Radio 1 Sessions double-CD.

The Parsley Sound disc follows on from their Platonic Rate EP (and includes 3 tracks from it), combining acoustic folk guitar, crunchy beats and understated, reverbed vocals singing vaguely psychedelic lyrics. It's rather chilled out and atmospheric, and comes together nicely; not all that far from King of Woolworths or Zero 7. I've only heard a few tracks from disc 2 of the Stereolab, and there are some interesting variations there on the album versions.

Both were ordered from Cheap Or What in the UK; with the Australian peso's recent resurgence in value, this turned out to be cheaper than buying them locally (the Stereolab cost about A$28 from the UK, compared to A$35-45 in the shops here).

Next week I'll probably pick up the new Belle & Sebastian; and then there's that Dark Beloved Cloud singles club I'm expecting a shipment from soon...
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