October 24th, 2003

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Shy 12 and creepy 4...

Someone could easily do a LiveJournal Bingo game.

Look at your "friends of friends" page and tick off any of the following you find there:

  • South Park-style goth/raver/hipster user icon

  • anime user icon

  • Photographs of cats

  • "Which ___ are you" test

  • "personality" test whose outcome is based entirely on user's name

  • 3 or more people doing the same bogus test

  • Vampires

  • Furries

  • "Current music: Radiohead"

  • Sexual compatibility test results

  • Discussion of romantic situation involving 4 or more people

  • IRC/MSN chat transcript that's two or more pages long

Have I missed anything?
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prince, ukelele

More social anthropology

The results of the last poll, so far, have been interesting. According to the first question (from the extensive sample of 22 or so respondents), almost everyone would add real-life friends to their Friends list, followed by strangers with interesting journals, which highlights the ambivalence in the dual people-I-like/feeds-I-read role of the Friends list. It's also interesting that only 5 people would add relatives to the list, and few would feel compelled to reciprocate if friended by someone. Meanwhile, a significant minority (about 40%) use custom security levels to compartmentalise the exposure of adding people to their friends list.

Some of the comments in the post raised some interesting questions on the various purposes of LiveJournals, and the question of intended audience; so I thought I'd run another poll on the subject.

(If you haven't voted in the first poll, it's still open, and may be found here. I'll probably be running more polls in the future, as I've got a few more ideas.)

Poll #195863 How do you use your LiveJournal

When you write in your journal, who is the (primary) intended audience?

My friends
Anyone who shares my interests
Anyone who cares to read it
I only use my account for posting comments in other journals

Which describes the main focus of your LiveJournal?

Things that have been happening in my life
Links to interesting things on the web
Creative writing
None of the above

What's the ratio of public to friends-only posts in your journal?

All or almost all public
Mostly public, with some friends-only
About fifty-fifty
Mostly friends-only, with some public
All or almost all friends-only
My journal's empty

Apart from your journal, do you:

keep a weblog/blog
have a personal web site/page
write regularly for any online or offline publications
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