December 8th, 2003

prince, ukelele

The ever-changing Friends list

Looks like the LiveJournal developers are finally moving to disambiguate the role of the Friends list, splitting it into "people you read", "people you trust", and "people you wish to associate in public with". That way you don't have to assign trust to interesting blog-journals by strangers (or, indeed, sex/mood-swing/psychodrama journals by strangers, if you're given to reading those), you can specify friendship with people without having their posts automatically aggregated into your Friends page (as you can do with community membership), or indeed read/privilege people without acknowledging them publicly as friends (not sure where you'd use that; presumably that's if you don't wish your friends to know you're a member of </a>furry_gunzels or something). Which, I think, is about time.
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prince, ukelele

I hate Mozilla

Why, for the love of all that is good, does a web browser have to:

  • freeze up for half a minute at a time for no reason at all

  • have all browsing windows freeze whenever it's "thinking" (haven't these people heard of multithreading?)

  • spontaneously crash every now and then

You might as well be using GNU Emacs for your web browsing. Your mail/editing sessions would also freeze whenever it's fetching anything off the net, but at least it wouldn't crash quite so often. And the text editor widget key bindings would be somewhat less random too.
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