December 24th, 2003

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Seasonal poll

OK, amateur sociology time again:

Poll #224442 What is Christmas about to you?

Christmas is a celebration of:

Snow, sleighbells, reindeer, mistletoe and some guy in a red suit
Consumerist bliss
none of the above

Comments welcome, of course.
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Memory Card Blues

The 512Mb memory card I've been using with my camera appears to be a bit dodgy. I bought it last year, to use on my trip to the UK (where I wouldn't have the luxury of downloading photos to a computer); after a while, photos started being corrupted. I put this down, at the time, to my camera malfunctioning (a bit got snapped off the little plastic mode-switch wheel whilst I was in London, and so I couldn't shut down the camera, other than waiting for it to go to sleep, until I got it replaced back home).

I took the 512Mb card out of storage for my trip last week, and took some photos. At first it seemed OK, but then photos started getting written badly and corrupted. Though I could see what had happened and take another one, or so I thought.

Now, as I plugged it into my computer, I noticed that photos that looked OK on the camera seemed to have had bits truncated; more seriously, somewhere along the way, most of a directory on the card got clobbered, taking somewhere under 100 photos (starting in Sydney and ending in Byron Bay) with it. I'm not sure when this happened; presumably when I was in Byron Bay, as there are 3 photos (numbered in the high 90s) in that curiously empty directory.

Do CF cards have bad sectors that can be mapped as bad, as hard disks do, or is the card itself a dead loss?