December 29th, 2003


Poplounge 1

Poplounge went well. A lot of people showed up, including quite a few regulars from gigs, which was quite good for a new night at this time of year. There was the barbecue in the beer garden (though there aren't yet any speakers out there; hopefully this will be remedied in upcoming weeks), a live performance from James from The Rumours (who did some original numbers and an inspired if not quite accurate cover of The Smiths' There Is A Light That Never Goes Out), and a screening of Belle & Sebastian's Fans Only DVD (which I really should get a copy of). Oh, and Georgina (the main organiser of it) brought plasticine to hand around, and people made things out of it.

I played two DJ sets, an early one (which was probably a bit too chilled-out, all things considered) and a late one (after the live gig).
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Are there any decent cafés north of the Yarra that aren't closed until the first/second monday of January? (Outside of the Brunswick St. tourist/fashion precinct, that is.)