January 1st, 2004


Guitar slut!

I ended up going to the Cue Bar for NYE, seeing Dandelion Wine and The Beautiful Few and catching up with Nick, Naomi and fact244. Dandelion Wine were good; Nick kept swapping guitars rather promiscuously throughout the gig. The Beautiful Few (whom I wasn't familiar with) were also good, with songs full of wry social commentary; they were somewhere between Pulp and early Models.

(I was thinking of dropping in on one of several house parties there, but got sidetracked by running into two old friends outside the Café Nova, which was a pleasant surprise.)

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On the way back, walking up Brunswick St., I realised that Fitzroy has turned into Prahran; everywhere I went, I could hear the muscular thump of house music. Mind you, we're probably behind the curve here; in Prahran, they're probably into more fashionable things than house music, like NME '70s-Revival Rock or daggy 1980s top-40 hits or cunnilingus-themed rap songs or something.
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Happy new year everyone*.

* Well, everyone following the Gregorian calendar anyway.
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