January 20th, 2004


Realism on the sparsest of sets

A friend and I went to the Cinema Nova tonight, with the intention of seeing The Spanish Apartment. We arrived too late to get tickets, so we ended up seeing Dogville instead. I wasn't as much in the mood for that as for the former, but it was OK.

Before the film, we went to the Fitz Curry Café, an Indian restaurant in Johnston St. for dinner, which was quite good. Their prices are quite reasonable, and they also profess to use organic ingredients in their cooking.
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I went to Heartland today, meeting strangehours there.

Last year, whilst in Sydney, I picked up a CD titled "Billy the Kid" by a band named Kat Onoma (whom I recalled referred to as the "French Joy Division") for $4. Upon listening to it, it turned out to be just fairly boring rock. Anyway, I managed to trade it in for $5 off The Clientele's Suburban Light.
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