February 5th, 2004

prince, ukelele

Gaim full of holes

Critical security holes found in Gaim, the Linux IM client; these holes are pretty serious and allow any script kiddie to 0wn your account and (given a local-root exploit) your machine merely by throwing packets at you. Mind you, the Gaim maintainers aren't releasing a new version until the other changes they had in mind are good and ready, so the onus is on the user to download the source, patch it and compile it.

I wonder how long it'll take Debian to get a fixed Gaim .deb; given that it usually takes 2-4 weeks for Gaim to propagate through the Debian system, I wouldn't hold my breath.
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Not the Blue Light Disco Revival

Coolsie chats listen up; I'll be doing a DJ set at Fanclub this Saturday, starting at about 10:30 or 10:45 and going for an hour. Expect to hear favourites like Pulp, Lush, New Order, Spearmint, and possibly the statutory Ratcat track that Fanclub DJs have to spin every so often, along with some indie, electropop and casiopunk you can dance to.
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Discovery of the day

1970s German porno films apparently had very cool music.
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