February 9th, 2004

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Spam roundup

Seen in my spam trap recently:

  • Two emails: one from a "han@iosphere.net" with the subject "27 mens and 45 womans die from AIW"; another from "hansatulshi@msn.com" with the subject "05 mens and 47 womans die from AIW". A cursory look at the contents suggests it's another Viagra or penis-enlargement spam. From this, it can be concluded that AIW is some sort of fatal dissatisfaction with one's sex life.

  • Another sexual-enhancement spam with the subject "DRILL HER LIKE AN OIL WELL!!!". Which seems to say something about American triumphalism or the sexual dimension of car culture or something like that. I'm not quite sure what it implies, but it sounds ugly.

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Discovery at the Computer Swapmeet

A 2.5" USB hard disk case costs A$35; a 2.5" FireWire hard disk case costs A$85-90. This is presumably because the people buying FireWire cases, namely Mac users, are all made of money.

Much like the way that AAA batteries cost more than AA batteries, despite holding less current. The devices that run on AAA batteries tend to be expensive high-tech things, which justifies slugging their user when they go to buy batteries.
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I just got an email from Native Instruments with the serial number for FM7 Sounds Vol. 1, which had been missing from the box they sent me. Time to install it and take a look around.
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