February 10th, 2004


"You just take more than you give...!"

Realisation whilst walking through the underground shopping mall under Melbourne Central: Someone should do an emo/nu-metal cover of "What About Me?" (by some Australian rock balladeer of the early 80s or so, whose name escapes me); it has plenty of yoof-angst, albeit in a peculiarly second-hand, G-rated fashion.
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    Paul Lansky - Mild und Leise

FM7 Sounds Vol. 1

Oh, and FM7 Sounds Vol. 1 (which is free with FM7 these days) is rather nifty; there are some impressive sounds there, either for use or disassembly/reverse-engineering (ah, so that's what you do with those tristate waveforms...) Even if a lot of them sound like an Instant VNV Nation Construction Kit or something. (Someone there obviously likes industrial music; hence all the "hard", "dark" sounds with names like "Eater of Souls" and "Mutilate" and such.)

FM7 is lots of fun, though a bit of a time-sink. One can spend lots of hours playing with it.
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    Mogwai - My Father My King