February 17th, 2004


Doing my bit for US-Australian free trade

A box from amazon.com just arrived at my PO box, containing:
  • Book: "You're A Bad Man, Aren't You?" by erstwhile bOING bOING guestblogger Susannah Breslin. It's a small, thin book of short stories themed around unusual sexual kinks, and I wouldn't be surprised if it shows up in PolyEster one of these days. On the tram back, I read the first story, which is a fairy tale about a midget porn star.
  • CD: Deep Note: music of 1970s adult cinema; picked up after Cory Doctorow recommended it on bOING bOING. It sounds like it'd be good for DJ sets; if it's as groovy-yet-somewhat-askew as the Schulmädchen Report CD, I'll be pleased.
  • Book: "Lucky Wander Boy", by D.B. Weiss. It seems to be sort of like High Fidelity, only about an arcade-game collector, peppered with overly-intellectual interpretations of classic games (the Marxist interpretation of Pac-Man, for one, is quite amusing).
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    Cocteau Twins - Aikea-Guinea

Discovery of the day

American pornos of the 1970s didn't have music anywhere near as groovy as their West German counterparts.
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    unknown composer - "Boob Tube"