February 18th, 2004


Randomised playlist meme

Following trayce's example, the first 10 tracks played at random from the entire contents of my Archos Jukebox:
  1. Foil - Rocket USA (Quarterback Mix)
  2. Mogwai - O I Sleep
  3. Mogwai - Golden Porche
  4. 800 Cherries - Tibie and Me (Puppy Song)
  5. Northern Picture Library - Dreams and Stars and Sleep
  6. Letraset - Windows 1971
  7. Pet Shop Boys - Dreaming of the Queen
  8. Slowdive - Rutti
  9. Stereolab - Double Rocker
  10. The Smiths - Meat Is Murder
(I didn't cheat; the (recently lifted) 20Gb limit kept my Jukebox's contents fairly lean for a long time, resulting in few, if any, cringeworthy tracks.) Oh, and in doing this, I found out that my Jukebox (which is currently 61% full) contains 4,346 MP3s. This will come in handy the next time someone who doesn't think in megabytes or bit rates asks me "how many songs does it hold?"
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The Corner Hotel's ad in today's street press has "Ninety Nine" listed in the "Coming Soon" panel on the bottom right. No date yet, though.
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