February 21st, 2004


Things angular

The new Stereolab album still isn't out locally (though PolyEster have US imports at $5-10 more than getting them from Amazon would cost you); however, today I picked up the copy of The Groop Played Space-Age Bachelor Pad Music that has been sitting in the window of the second-hand record shop in Brunswick St. for ages. It's rather angular and krautrocky; with a few "easy listening" tracks that sound a bit too sparse and distorted to be quite so easy.

Speaking of such things, I've been listening to Neu! a bit, and keep expecting to hear French-accented female ba-ba-ba vocals.

Also, whilst in Collectors' Corner, I noticed something potentially awful: a Cleopatra Records Neu! tribute compilation. Though, to its possible redemption, it has an Autechre track, and nothing that jumped out as being obviously naff, like, say, Leætherstrip.
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