March 3rd, 2004


The embarrased boy was so unskilful, awkward, gauche, in his passing of the refreshments...

Yesterday, I received in the mail two CDs I bought from stephen_cramer, including the "you're still young at heart" compilation from US indie label Shelflife; this consists of Shelflife artists covering other Shelflife artists' songs.

I was surprised to find that The Sweetling's vocoder-and-electronics-driven cover of Brittle Stars' You Went In Phases is none other than the uncharacteristically smooth and listenable-sounding bit at the end of Steward's lo-fi electronica remix on their album. (It wasn't credited there, and until now, its identity eluded me.)

Some of the other tracks on the CD are quite interesting too (I particularly liked Carbonado's indiepop/vocoder-house crossover Here Comes Another Day, and Simpático's Downtown is interesting too); expect to hear a few at the next Poplounge, whenever that will be.

(The other CD is Death By Chocolate's self-titled album. Summary: an English schoolgirl with a swingin'-60s obsession doing too-clever-by-half spoken-word pieces about colours and chocolate and such.)
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