August 20th, 2004


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Last night, b0rken came by with a friend who owns a van (he apparently sells comics for a living); they relieved me of a large bookshelf and helped me move some stuff to an undisclosed storage location. Among the stuff moved was an ancient box of audio tapes. In it I found, to my surprise, a copy of Box, the Australian indie TV-theme tribute tape which I bought at PolyEster many years ago and subsequently forgot about.

Today, Zoë came around with some words she had written for a track I gave her, which we recorded. It came out pretty well; sort of like a more spoken-word Saint Etienne or something, only with a more casiopunk-meets-C86 feel. It turns out that we work really well together creatively; if I wasn't going to the UK, we'd almost certainly start a band/music project, with a proper name and all. Maybe when I come back.

I also took some artworks down to Glitch, the bar/venue/gallery around the corner from the flat I'm vacating. They'll show them all in one go in a month and a bit. I won't be around to see them exhibited, though.
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