November 12th, 2004


Sounds from home

A package from Melody Bar (which is sort of like a UK equivalent of Traffic Sounds) arrived today, containing the Library Records 1998-2003 2CD compilation (which I didn't get around to getting in Australia), a US compilation titled Sweet Sweet Casio (which I haven't yet heard, and most of the bands on which I'm not familiar with), and Static Modulation 1, an Australian zine/CD from 1998, full of people I know (reddragdiva interviews Iain McIntyre, two of astrobek13's bands appear on the CD, as do New Waver, Ian Wadley, Minimum Chips, Ninetynine and a bunch of others in from those particular circles), and obscure trivia about Australian indie scene history, much of which I'll probably end up putting into Wikipedia during my next fit of procrastination.
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Sweet Sweet Casio

Update: the Sweet Sweet Casio compilation has some really good songs on it; everything from shoegazer-tinged wistful melodies to classic pop (the Remington Super 60 song sounds like Spearmint at their best, only with a Casio) to some quite good instrumental electronica (Mandorris' Portamento). Of course, a big chunk of it is lo-fi post-C86 indiepop, which varies in quality (parts of it sound like outsider music, though that could well be deliberate (which, of course, would make it inauthentic).
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One of the things I hate about the iRiver firmware is that it only shows you 30 characters of the current track title. Let's hope that the Rockbox port won't be too long in coming.

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