December 29th, 2004


The subjectiveness of time

When I look back on 2004, it feels like more than one year. It's hard for me to believe that the things that happened in the first part of the year (Poplounge/Fanclub, the photo exhibition, meeting lots of cool people, and numerous other things) all happened less than a year ago. I suppose it's the huge epochal change of leaving that world behind and moving to the other side of the world cutting the year in two; compared to that, the change between years is trivial indeed.
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I found a copy of Minimum Chips' Swish EP for 50p in the basement of one of the second-hand CD shops in Camden High St. This one, for some reason, has a silver sticker over the "+ QuickTime video" text on the back.

I also picked up:

  • a copy of Señor Coconut's El Baile Alemán for £5, secondhand
  • one of the numerous copies of !!!'s Louden Up Now album littering the secondhand shops (that's some kind of electro-coolsie punk-house thing or something; only it's on Warp so it's probably more interesting than the average bandwagon-jumper; so far it sounds like your average night at Revolver; most of it's basically house music for people who wear horizontal stripes and black Mao caps, though Hello? Is This Thing On? is rather good.)
  • Colder's Again, with bonus DVD, at Rough Trade. I was thinking of picking up the Arcade Fire CD, though they were sold out. Anyway, it seems to be somewhere between Suicide and Morr Music-style laptop electronica; perhaps a bit monotonous and fatigued-sounding, though perhaps that's the point.
  • a copy of the most recent Vice Magazine, at Reckless Records on Camden High St.
  • a new keyboard (a Logitech), for £10, on TCR, to replace the £3 piece'o'crap I had.
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