January 9th, 2005

bandwagon-jumping (2)


I installed sigma's old GeForce card in my Linux box (replacing the TNT2), and it works very nicely. I had to upgrade the NVidia driver to the latest one (the previous one crashed with it and Linux 2.6). I haven't noticed any performance improvements (I don't play first-person shooters on the machine, or do anything more demanding of video processing than watching DVDs/DivX files, which the TNT2 could do reasonably), but I've noticed that the picture is much cleaner; dark regions on the screen no longer leave dark smudges over light regions to their right (as the TNT2 did when pushed beyond 1024x768). It's good to have a video card whose analogue electronics were actually designed to work at 1280x1024.

Ta muchly, bfd.
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